Textures from GTA SA game
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Textures from GTA SA game
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GTA San Andreas and SA-MP textures

Here you can find absolutely all textures from the GTA San Andreas game and SA-MP modification.

Textures were extracted from .txd-files of the original version of the game and posted in PNG format.

All textures have original size, quality and transparency. We didn't add any water marks, however, every image has been compressed by a certain algorithm without loss of quality, which allows us to easily find these textures on other sites. If you are going to place a texture somewhere, be sure to include a link to this site.

Textures can be used to restore original .txd files of GTA San Andreas, in your mapps for SA-MP and MTA servers, to create ypur own models, to search for models by texture and for many other purposes. Visit texture usage page for details.
TXD textures list