GTA SA gangzone editor
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GTA SA gangzone editor
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SA-MP gangzone editor

SA-MP gangzone editor

Gangzone editor description

This editor allows you to create gangzones for SA-MP server

Read about editor navigation to learn how to work conveniently with it. We also recommend you to look at hotkeys , which will save your time.

Map is automatically saved in your browser. If you close browser's tab, you will not loose your map.

Editor navigation

Moving and resizing zones

Zones can be dragged and resized with mouse and keyboard arrows. You can also change zone size and position in zone inspector (top left of the screen).

Map viewing

You can navigate through the map with many methods:

  • Default scrollbars to the right and bottom of the map.
  • Grabbing map with right mouse key.
  • Scrolling with mouse whell. Press Shift to scroll horizontaly.
  • Middle mouse button. Press it and move pointer in the desired dirrection.
  • Minimap, which can be accessed by pressing V button.
  • To focus on currently selected zone, press F


  • F - focus on current zone (scroll the map)
  • V - open mini-map
  • D - clone selected zone
  • S - save the map
  • A - add a new zone under mouse pointer
  • Del - delete selected zone
  • Arrows - move zone by 1m. in the arrow dirrection (pressing Shift = x10)
  • Ctrl + Arrows - resize zone by 1m. in the arrow dirrection (pressing Shift = x10)
  • F11 - fullscreen mode

Zone export


Available tags

[name] Zone name
[minx] Minimum X (left)
[maxx] Maximum X (right)
[miny] Minimum Y (bottom)
[maxy] Maximum Y (top)
[width] Zone width
[height] Zone height
[color-hex] Zone color as hex (example: 0099FF)
[color-rgb] Zone color as rgb (example:255,0,127)


All tags in the template will be replaced with zone data. Use tags to create necessary output (as example, basic template allows you to export into PAWN array).

Line breaks are mentioned too. Add a line break to the end of the template to put each zone output on a new line.